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Daffodil Festival | Nantucket, MA
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Welcoming Spring

Spring arrives on the island of Nantucket with a proclamation of brilliant colors. Late April’s embrace of gentle sea breezes and warm sunshine coax new growth from the island’s sandy soil, adorning the roadsides and gardens with daffodil blooms of bright yellow, orange, white, and pink. The annual Daffodil Festival, […]

Nantucket Daffodil Festival - Daffy Hats
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Daffy Style, Nantucket Daffodil ‘Fashion’

The last weekend in April is when everyone on Nantucket, from those whose usual garb includes overalls and work boots to those who typically dress in designer duds, to don whimsical hats and dress Daffy. The Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce, organizer of the celebration of spring that is Daffodil […]

Nantucket Daffodil Festival | Nantucket, MA
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Daffodil Festival Picnicking 101

• by Leah Mojer • Daffodils are precious to islanders and seasonal residents. For the former, they signify the awakening of an otherwise harsh and beaten winter landscape. Their arrival seems to say, “we are out of the woods of winter and into the shining sun that is spring, summer, […]

2013 Nantucket Daffodil Festival
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New Daffy Fun

We all love Daffodil Weekend on Nantucket for the wonderful memories it has given us over the years. This year, there’s even more to love! Break out the magnifying glasses and fingerprint dust, and gather your favorite people for a daffy-themed scavenger hunt with prizes that will rock your summer! […]

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Master of the Daffodils

Each year, Nantucket’s Daffodil Festival Weekend brings abundance upon the island. Millions of daffodils bloom; the visitor season begins; antique cars arrive in droves; and extra ferry trips added to the schedules! Daffodil Weekend brings a wealth of happiness to the island. But daffodils don’t plant themselves; who is behind […]