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Island Cooking

Eat With Your Eyes!

• by Leah Mojer • Since the invention of film making, food and film have been a natural pairing. Food has such a deeply entrenched emotional connection, it only seems right to document the intimate relationship on film. From the excrutiating love story in Like water for Chocolate or the […]

Nantucket Film Festival
Nantucket Events

NFF Turns 18

In 1996, brother and sister team Jonathan and Jill Burkhart founded the Nantucket Film Festival to promote the awareness and appreciation of screenwriting.  This week through June 30, screenwriters, actors, producers, agents, and fans will gather on Nantucket for the 18th year of NFF. Mystelle Brabbée, who has been the […]

The Jetties
Insider Tips

Insider Tips #3

Our Third installment of insider tips is an assortment of our staff favorites: Sconset Bluff Walk — This is an unadvertised public way that leads walkers right through the manicured back yards of a row of stately ‘Sconset homes. On one side, pedestrians get an “insider’s view” of gorgeous homes; […]