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Nantucket Culinary Center Operators Announced

ReMain Ventures is excited to announce that Greg and Joy Margolis have been selected to operate the new Culinary Center at 22 Federal Street once construction is completed later this year. Proposals were received from many qualified entrepreneurs and the selection process was completed just prior to the end of […]

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Family Cookout Recipes Old & New

• by Leah Mojer, Cheese & Wine Manager, Bartlett’s Farm • Summertime on Nantucket has many delights. For me, family cookouts are the highlight. I am beyond lucky to have family living on-island, their roots going back many, many generations. Thirteen I believe! In addition to throwing the “Nantucket Native” […]

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Good Enough to Eat

by Leah Mojer The history of culinary tradition would be lost without books. Within the pages of so many, there are countless treasured recipes, memoirs, lectures, rules, mother sauces. The written word is our best window into the world of food, whether it be Escoffier’s Ma Cuisine or simply a […]

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Cranberries and Scallops

• by Chef Jenn Farmer • Autumn is my favorite time of year, especially on Nantucket.  I cannot think of anything I dislike about this time of year, except maybe the fact that winter is on the way.  The leaves changing color and the smell of nature on the crisp […]

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Flavors of Autumn

• by Chef Jenn Farmer • A couple years ago, I wrote an article about overly abundant zucchini in the garden and a series of recipes and ideas to help gardeners and chefs utilize as much as possible.  So, in the spirit of that article, I have a story for […]

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Hangover Cures

• by Chef Jenn Farmer • I recently stumbled upon some old recipes I picked up as a teenager when traveling in New Orleans and through several southern states.  One recipe was pretty beat up, caught my eye and for obvious reason.  It was for “Old Sober” or Yak a […]

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Obstinate to an Agreeable Eater

• by Jenn Farmer • Walking in the garden today was one of the loveliest experiences of the summer.  I cannot think of a more wonderful thing than eating veggies straight from the garden after a quick rinse.  Right now the garden is bursting with ripe, healthy goodness.  The smell […]

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Eating Gluten Free

• by Chef Jenn Farmer • What the heck does gluten free mean?  Why are so many people beginning to eat gluten free?  Sadly the Wikipedia answer is vague.  Some people are actually allergic to the protein gluten that is found in wheat, rye, and barley.  Oats are often on […]