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Island Cooking, Nantucket Style

Autumn Cocktail Twists

~ by Jenny Benzie, Advanced Sommelier + Certified Wine Educator, Proprietress of Épernay Wine & Spirits ~ As we transition from summer into autumn here on Nantucket Island, it is important to take advantage of what Mother Nature still has to offer. Temperatures begin to decrease a few degrees at night, the […]

Gin & Tonic | Nantucket | MA
Island Cooking

A Tasty Tipple

• by Carri L. Wroblewski, BRIX Wine Shop • From beachfront bars to the toniest of country clubs the gin and tonic has long been a summer staple. Easy to make, straightforward ingredients, and lack of precise measurements, one can turn out a tasty tipple without much effort. However, over […]

Island Cooking

Sunshine Dance

by Chef Jenn Farmer Lately I have been on a tropical foods kick. I love our local cuisine, and since we are on an island with a maritime history, the local food has long been influenced by exotic flavors from other locales. Whether it is Asian or Caribbean it has […]

Island Cooking

Behind the Bar

by Chef Jenn Farmer I stepped out of my element recently and did a little guest bartending at a friend’s pub (I am a chef by trade, so it is a bit different). Since it has been at least 5 years since I stepped behind a bar, and much longer […]