Power Boothe
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Power Boothe at Hostetler

The Hostetler Gallery at 42 Centre Street will exhibit the work of esteemed painter Power Boothe from July 6 through July 13, with selected works on view throughout the summer. Boothe’s work will have exclusive use of all the walls of the gallery, but will be complemented by a curated selection of David Hostetler’s wood and bronze sculptures. Come see how powerfully the artistic senses of these two artists meld. The July 6 premiere will be held from 8 to10 pm. Private viewings are available throughout the duration of the show, call the gallery director, Susan Crehan-Hostetler, at 508-228-5152 for an appointment. Details on Hostetler Gallery and on upcoming displays can be found at www.DavidHostetler.com. Hostetler Gallery is open daily.

Power Boothe
Tracking Ephemera by Power Boothe

In addition to Power Boothe, Hostetler Gallery also now represents hyper-realistic photographer Crystal Cartier and collages by Scott Smith as well as the sculptures and paintings of David Hostetler. Hostetler has created the female form in exotic woods and cast bronze for more than 60 years. His latest commission is a 12-foot bronze to be sited at The Sheffield, NYC. Power Boothe paints large scale oil paintings collected by major museums in a restrained and disciplined style-color is a major statement. Cartier’s photography develops from her career as a food stylist with amazing dark-room technique. Scott Smith combines old building salvage and printmaking to create unique statements about life.

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