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Nantucket Style

Skirtin’ Around

by Sarah McNamara Inspired by bold colors and playful patterns, Skirtin’ Around on Straight Wharf offers a fun and exciting line of clothing for women of all ages. Their pieces are comfortable, flattering, and easy to wear – perfect for slipping into on those occassions when you want to look […]

Nantucket Essays

Bluff Walk

by Robert P. Barsanti My son took me out for some exercise at ten on Sunday. In the unexpectedly clear and cool June morning, we set out from Larsen’s memorial near the Sconset market and headed north to the Bluff walk. Sunday had floated up out of September and landed […]

The Jetties
Insider Tips

Insider Tips #3

Our Third installment of insider tips is an assortment of our staff favorites: Sconset Bluff Walk — This is an unadvertised public way that leads walkers right through the manicured back yards of a row of stately ‘Sconset homes. On one side, pedestrians get an “insider’s view” of gorgeous homes; […]

Nantucket Style

Pearls at G.S. Hill Gallery

by Sarah McNamara While many know the G.S. Hill Gallery and Hill’s of Nantucket for their paintings by talented artist Greg Hill and their wonderful collection of Nantucket gifts, some may not know that in the past three years they have  become a competitive source for pearl jewelry on the […]

Nantucket Asylum
Nantucket History & People

Gimme Shelter – Asylum on Nantucket

by Frances Karttunen On the left side of Orange Street as one proceeds outbound toward the edge of town stands the Landmark House. Now housing an assisted living community, it was previously Our Island Home. Before the prominent old building was Our Island Home, it had been Nantucket’s Town and […]

Nantucket Style

The Blue Beetle

by Sarah McNamara If you are searching for a store that is classic Nantucket, look no further than the Blue Beetle boutique on Main Street. Think grosgrain ribbon, monograms, nautical motifs, preppy prints, navy blues and punchy pastels. They stock an amazing collection of clothing, scarves, bags, jewelry, monogrammed items, […]

Island Cooking

Sunshine Dance

by Chef Jenn Farmer Lately I have been on a tropical foods kick. I love our local cuisine, and since we are on an island with a maritime history, the local food has long been influenced by exotic flavors from other locales. Whether it is Asian or Caribbean it has […]

Seaside Shakespear
Nantucket Events

Seaside Shakespear

Come hither all who doth love the theatre! Verily, Seaside Shakespeare comes once more to our fair isle this June 28 from 6 ’til 9 in the evening. It shall be a glorious and magical party under the stars, held within the Eel Point gardens at the Castle of The […]