A New and Lighthearted Challenge for the Times


For decades, Yesterday’s Island/Today’s Nantucket (now celebrating our 50th year!) has challenged readers to add to the original Nantucket Limericks. The ORIGINAL limericks, not the ones that make us blush. You can read them here https://yesterdaysisland.com/limerick-challenge/ along with more recent additions.

While we all shelter in place here on Nantucket Island and elsewhere, we are challenging folks to submit new chapters of this Limerick Challenge about life on Nantucket during the pandemic. We will publish the best online AND will select some for prizes — gift cards to businesses on Nantucket.

EMAIL YOUR ENTRIES TO US at nantucketnews@gmail.com with the subject line of “Nantucket Limerick Challenge.”

Remember: limericks should have five lines that follow the rhythm in the example below.

Here’s one to get this challenge started:
There once was a man from Nantucket
Who kept all his TP in a bucket.
When the stores ran out,
He wandered about
Giving squares to all who would tucket.

Our first entry was written by Michael Alvarez:
There once was a man from Nantucket
Who told the apocalypse it could “Suck it!”
So he sheltered at home,
And dared not to roam,
Less he ends up in Hell via hand bucket.

And the second was written by Mary Longacre:
At home on my self-quarantine
For fear of the Covid-19,
I’ve finished my chores,
And now I’m so bored.
It’s only 11:15!

Received on March 26 by CJ & Jenni Lanktree…
There once was a man from Nantucket
He grew daffodils in his bucket
When the flowers appeared,
He knew Spring was near,
But this virus pandemic does sucket!

And by Diane Tomas…
There once was a man from Nantucket
Who loved clams so much he said shuck-it.
When the cupboards were bare,
He had not a care,
Cuz he had his rusty old rake and his bucket.

Just in from Bob Lyons…
There once was a man from Nantucket
Who’s scallop knife was so sharp he could shuck it.
When the high tide rolled in,
And his waders wore thin,
He retreated to the pub and said #$&@ *&.

And a new chapter in from C. McConnell…
There once was a woman from Surfside
Who was all out of rice for her stir fry.
“I’m afraid to go out
To the store,” she did pout,
She called Faregrounds for delivery curbside.

Doug Harris from “across the pond” in the UK penned 2 verses…
Like everywhere else, in Nantucket
The virus got loose – ran amok, it
      Refused to rescind
      For those standing downwind,
Oh so many not able to duck it.

But the fellow we know from Nantucket
Has emptied the cash from his bucket
      And filled it with bleach
      Disinfection to teach –
The way, with a virus, to chuck it.

Here is another limerick written by Mary Longacre:
Nantucket’s an island we know
Where plenty of summer folks go.
But during this spring,
We’re all sheltering,
So hope not to see them now, though.

And a new chapter by Richard Pykosz:
They said “stay at home” in Nantucket,
Yet out to the beaches we truck it.
But I ask your assistance,
in keeping your distance,
There’s just one roll left, I must pluck it!

Visit this page frequently to see the new “Man (and Woman) on Nantucket during the Pandemic” limericks. We’ll add them as we receive them.