Meghan Trainor on the beach on Nantucket.
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Meghan Trainor: A Jewel of Nantucket Isle

•  by Sarah Teach  •

Editor’s Note: All of Nantucket watched The Grammy Awards show on February 15, rooting for our home-town talent.
We’re very proud of you, Meghan: congratulations …
all your hard work and sacrifice paid off!
We knew you had it in you, and in tribute, here is an article we published when you were just 17…

You know the drill: you’re flipping through radio stations and you stop when you hear a catchy tune.  Even if you recognize the artist’s sound, you probably don’t know much about his or her personal background.  But not too far into the future, you’ll be stopping that dial when you hear Nantucket native Meghan Trainor belting out her original lyrics alongside the sounds of her own guitar.  The seven-year-old in ponytails and cheetah pants who once performed at the Methodist church on Centre Street has blossomed into a producer, songwriter, and instrumental and vocal performer of three original albums.  Did I mention that we’re talking about a 17-year-old?

Meghan Trainor on the beach on Nantucket.
Meghan Trainor on the beach on Nantucket.

Born and raised on Nantucket, Trainor’s island roots go deep.  “I always liked my music classes on Nantucket.  In elementary, we had Miss Moores, then in jazz band, we had Mrs. Thompson.”  Trainor laughs as she recalls, “I’d always get called out in class, though, and people would joke about how the only two people they could hear singing were me and my friend David Watson.”  Barely after the days of Miss Moores, Trainor first began producing her own music.  “It started when I heard what my friend Rachel’s brother, who’s a rapper, could record using a computer.”  At age 11, Trainor, with her dad’s help, launched a home recording studio.  Since those Garage Band beginnings, she has grown into a pop genius with a propensity for writing hit songs.  With a voice that’s gutsy but gentle, she’s able to … read more at the Nantucket Blog.

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