Nantucket Harbor Panorama | G.S. Hill
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Intimate Conversations on Canvas

Nantucket Harbor Panorama | G.S. Hill The sweeping vistas of Nantucket Island offer a serenity that few locations can surpass. The rolling gold and green of Tuppancy Links, the sprawling natural beauty of Folger’s Marsh, the long stretches of pristine beach kissed by the Atlantic Ocean along Surfside and Cisco… these iconic views of Nantucket are captured in a new series of panoramic paintings by island artist G. S. Hill.

Nantucket Panorama | G.S. Hill This Sunday, May 25, Greg and Judi Hill will host a summer celebration to unveil these magical canvases at their gallery on Straight Wharf. Meet the artist and see his paintings that transport the viewer to these island scenes.

Nantucket Panorama | G.S. Hill Hill has been painting on Nantucket since 1978. His continued passion to capture the island’s beauty is illustrated on canvas: soft lights seen through the rolling fog, windswept dunes with gulls crying overhead, rose covered cottages lining cobblestone streets, and rainbow colored catboats sailing in Nantucket Harbor. Whether landscape or harbor scene, just a glance is not enough. If painting is a dialog between the artist and the person viewing the art, these panoramas are intimate conversations.

Nantucket Tuppancy Links Panorama | G.S. Hill Stop by the G.S. Hill Gallery, 40 Straight Wharf, on Sunday, May 25 between 10 am and 5 pm and experience “Nantucket Panoramas.”

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