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Honoring Lifesavers

Nantucket’s history is filled with tales of heroic lifesaving efforts by everyday citizens and those who went above and beyond the call of duty. Honoring that tradition, the Egan Maritime Institute and Nantucket Cottage Hospital are recognizing two modern-day lifesavers during the annual Lifesavers Recognition Day at the Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum on Thursday, September 11.

This year the Nantucket community members being honored are Martha Lake-Greenfield and Collin Perry.

Martha Lake-Greenfield, RN, is the nurse manager of Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s Emergency Department and head of the NCH Emergency Management Team. Martha brings knowledge, professionalism, compassion, leadership, and camaraderie to the lifesaving efforts of Nantucket Cottage Hospital, and plays a critical role in preparing the hospital for disasters and crises.

Collin Perry is the head lifeguard for the Town of Nantucket. Perry upholds the Nantucket lifeguard motto of “Prevention, Preparedness and Professional Response.” Due to his leadership qualities, he was recently promoted to the position of head lifeguard. Perry’s efforts as a first responder to a person in distress in Nantucket Harbor during the early morning hours of August 16, demonstrated the best qualities of a lifeguard in a difficult situation.

The Lifesavers Recognition Day is an annual event held at the Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum, and invitations are required. Egan Maritime Institute is committed to ensuring Nantucket’s maritime tradition. Their Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum is a proud island institution that celebrates the heroism of those brave Nantucketers who risked their lives to rescue others. Egan’s newest initiative, Sea of Opportunities (SOO) is an unprecedented collaboration between Egan Maritime Institute, Nantucket Public Schools, Nantucket New School and Nantucket Lighthouse School. SOO will bridge the maritime world with today’s young Nantucketers by introducing a maritime curriculum that will expose students to maritime careers, trades and sciences.

Nantucket Cottage Hospital is an affiliate of the Massachusetts General Hospital and member of Partners HealthCare. Founded in 1911, the hospital maintains a deep tradition of providing a full range of high-quality health and wellness services in a safe, compassionate environment.

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