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Friday Flowers from Fairwinds on Nantucket

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t like flowers? In fact, many folks find joy and healing in these gifts of nature.

For seven consecutive Fridays, Fairwinds is placing buckets containing 100 blooms at a local shop or restaurant for anyone to take one, free of charge, while supplies last. Fairwinds is giving away flowers to show our appreciation to our many island supporters, to honor Mental Health Awareness Month (May), to lift the spirit of anyone having a hard day, and to promote Fairwinds’ hybrid event and fundraiser—Blooming Bids for Nantucket’s Kids.

Rachel Afshari of Lemon Press (left)
and Hafsa Lewis (right)

On May 7, 100 glorious roses graced the entryway of Lemon Press on Main Street. On May 14, our blossoms will be at Ralph Lauren on Main Street. And the following week, 100 free flowers will be at The Corner Table on Federal Street. Flower locations during the weeks to follow will be announced. Aficionados of beautiful things that bloom can track all Fairwinds Flower Fridays on the agency’s Instagram or Facebook.

Our flowers are sourced from Hafsa & Co, a flower design company owned by Hafsa Lewis who is also the featured artist for Blooming Bids.

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