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Cinematic Exposure

Opening this week in Hostetler Gallery, 42 Centre Street is an exciting exhibit curated by filmmaker Rajko Grlic` that is perfect for pairing with the Nantucket Film Festival. In “Cinematic Exposure, Scene One,” a very special exhibit by the collaborative duo hazart, has combined their devotion to the masters of cinema with their love of photography to produce an impressionism of movie memories. By capturing sequences and scenes of films they admire, hazart has found a method through which they can paint with the moving light of movies and create something both new and nostalgic; familiar and unconventional.

Featured artists hazart have been working and creating together for fifteen years. After meeting at university, the friends began a joint effort towards creating unique works produced by a common goal, complimentary tastes, and commitment to knowledge, craft, and technique. While their background is predominately in filmmaking (writing and directing), photography has been a constant part of the team’s partnership through the years. Using the tools and insights gleaned from years on sets of motion pictures and episodic series, hazart struck out on their own, writing and directing five short films in just a few years — which have been seen around the globe—all while developing longer form works and discovering their artistic voice in photography and fine art.

The artists describe their work as a “capturing technique”: “The idea of being able to mix our love of impressionism and cinema was exciting and our literacy in photography put us in the position to first unmask, and then expand to our own method, the techniques of Schulman and Sugimoto… we put our minds to work and came up with a capturing technique and post flow that yields images we are eager to share. We are excited to contribute another chapter to the rich body of work and philosophies of those artists who have come before us. By being distinctive, and editorial with our decisions to focus on sequences, we want to capture how movies unfold in our memories; not as entire pieces but as fragments and segments that fold flat, neat and beautiful, ready to unpack when they surface into our consciousness.”

Don’t miss this intriguing exhibition at Hostetler Gallery all week!

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