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Have You Been Flocked?

Have you seen flocks of plastic pink flamingos scattered in front yards across the island? More than just lawn ornaments, they are part of Nantucket New School‘s latest fundraiser. The Flamingo Flocking FUNdraiser is a way for participants to surprise their friends and colleagues by sending a dozen pink flamingos […]

Captain Seth-Pinkham | Nantucket Historical Society
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Dear Absent Ones

Despite the superstition that it was bad luck for a woman to be on a ship at sea (except for naked women who were said to calm the waters, but that’s another tale to tell), it was not unheard of for Nantucket women to accompany their husbands on whaling voyages […]

FIRST PRIZE - Patrick Williams of Nantucket
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by Robert P. Barsanti Two couples ambled out of a Calvin Klein advertisement and down the middle of Crooked Lane. All four were of a certain age and credit score, with the right catalogs coming to their houses and the best stores, placed carefully by marketers, in nearby malls. Both […]