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A New Approach for Library Services

Staff of the Nantucket Atheneum are very eager to get books back in yourhands, and starting June 8, this will begin to happen.

During Phase 1 of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ opening schedule,the Atheneum has been completing some necessary maintenance and preparingthe front entrance for curbside service.

During the first week of June, select staff will begin the process of quarantiningand cleaning materials for check-out. Their Wi-Fi signal will be “ON” outsidethe building, providing internet access for people with smartphones, tablets,and laptops.

CLAMS interlibrary loans have not begun again yet, but patrons will soon beable to access the Atheneum’s physical as well as digital collection by requestingphysical items in two ways.

The preferred method is to request items from your online account at Patrons may also call the Atheneum Monday through Fridayfrom 10 am to 2 pm at 508-228-1110, ext. 101 to make requests. Atheneum staffcan also provide recommendations based on your preferences.

The Atheneum will locate, clean, and wrap requests and place these at thefront door (this may take up to 24 hours).

The Atheneum will contact patrons by phone when an item is ready to bepicked up at the main library entrance. Please wear a mask and enter one at atime. Patron’s first name and first initial of surname will be written on the package.Staff members and volunteers may be able to deliver an item to a patronwho is at least 65 years old and cannot come to the Atheneum: this service mustbe requested.

If Phase 2, when patrons in limited numbers could enter the building, mightstart in mid-July. But, if this phase is delayed due to a second wave of COVID-19infections on the island, the Nantucket Atheneum will announce measures ontheir website:

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