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White Heron Theatre Company

White Heron Theatre Company | Nantucket, MA

Two More Chances to See Romeo & Juliet

by Rebecca Nimerfroh More than 400 years since it was first performed, William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet remains one of the most popular love stories in Western history, having taken on many forms including opera, ballet, and more recently, a major motion picture starring heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio. Lines like Juliet’s …

White Heron Theatre Company | Nantucket, MA

Music or Romance: How about Both?

White Heron Theatre gets two steps closer to making theatre truly transformative with their productions of SeaWife, running now until September 1 in repertory with Romeo & Juliet, running now until September 3. SeaWife is a journey of the senses, carried by a series of songs that are impressively performed …

Annapurna | White Heron Theatre Company | Nantucket

Summit of Life – Annapurna

Photos by Cary Hazelgrove • by Rebecca Nimerfroh • Have you ever day-dreamed about hunting down a long-lost ex, storming through their front door, and demanding once and for all an explanation for all their wrongs? Sure, it’s been years and years, and you both have moved on long ago, …

Kevin Flynn | Nantucket, MA

Keep ‘Em Laughing

Comedian Kevin Flynn, nationally known and a favorite on Nantucket, is returning to an island stage for two Monday night performances. He’ll appear at the new White Heron Theatre Company in downtown Nantucket on Monday, August 15 and Monday, August 22, both at 7:30 p.m. It’s that hectic time in …

THE GIN GAME by Nantucket's White Heron Theatre

Theatre Review: Gin Game Deals a Winning Hand

•  by Rebecca Nimerfroh  • More than just a metaphor on how we play the hand of cards we are dealt in the game of life, “The Gin Game,” D.L. Coburn’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play produced by the White Heron Theatre Company paints a picture of two dynamic characters in the …