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Two Versions of Our Limerick Challenge

For nearly three decades we have been challenging readers to add to the series of limericks about Nantucket. During 2020, we opened a new challenge for readers to submit pandemic limericks: you can read both series by going to— just type LIMERICKS into the search field.

This week we are sharing limericks submitted to each version. Enjoy!

Bob Lyons of Auburn Hills, MI wrote this
Pandemic Limerick:
There once was a lad from Sconset
Who was feeling a bit of COVID onset
But he rushed to the Cottage
Who applied their best Triage
And he lived to compose this new sonnet

And Mark Stout of PA (we think) wrote a complete
saga for the Limerick Challenge, which he titled
Nan’s Adventures on Cape Cod:
Nan got herself into a scrape,
So she ferried away to the Cape.
With bucket in hand,
She stepped on dry land,
And thought she’d made good her escape.

Then Nan took a sojourn to Brewster,
And fell for a young man named Wooster,
They filled up her pail
With strong local ale
And by golly then he seduced her.

Nan’s future with him wouldn’t be,
As he was a cad, don’t you see.
He left her in Wellfleet
In swimsuit and bare feet
And ran off with the can to Mashpee.

She chased him through towns and through beaches
And up to him finally reaches.
She grabbed back the pot
And he finally got
A coppery whack on the breeches.

Said she with the world-famous bucket
(And yes on the ferry she took it)
“My trip to Cape Cod
Was really quite odd,
I’m glad I’m back home on Nantucket.”

If you feel inspired to add to either our Nantucket Limerick Challenge or to our Pandemic Edition, email your limericks to

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