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Nantucket Essays

September Bride

• by Robert P. Barsanti • The wedding party was leaving. On Friday, they had fallen out of the catalogs and arrived at the back bar on the Gray Lady II. Then, over the course of the weekend, they drifted from church to beach to “Where-O-Where House” to Chicken Box […]

Nantucket Essays

June Weddings

• by Robert P. Barsanti • On Saturday, I parked on Main Street near the Hub. June has many dress rehearsal pleasures. The lines are short (for everything besides the ferry), the strawberries weigh down their branches, and you can get an ice cream in under five minutes. On any […]

Island Cooking

Backyard Weddings

• by Chef Jenn Farmer • Nantucket is a perfect location to have an outdoor wedding.  Recently my editor mentioned that two members of her family had outdoor weddings this year, and what a good idea.  I was instantly interested.   The timing was oddly excellent; I was going to be […]