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Nantucket Essays

Summer’s End Standby

• by Robert P. Barsanti • He stands in board shorts and Yacht Club flip-flops at dawn on the Steamship Wharf and watches the colors spill over the eastern horizon.  Then he puts his sun glasses back on. Summer can’t leave yet.  He remains on the stand-by list.  He parked […]

Nantucket Events

Serenalla Hosts Julia Chaplin

SERENELLA-NANTUCKET CORDIALLY INVITES YOU TO CELEBRATE GYPSET TRAVEL WITH AUTHOR JULIA CHAPLIN Julia Chaplin is a New York-based journalist and editor who covers contemporary art,fashion, design, lifestyle, and travel. Chaplin is the author of Gypset Style, Gypset Travel,founded www.gypset.com and designs a Gypset resort clothing collection. Gypset is a portmanteau […]