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Nantucket Garden Club Annual House and Garden Tour
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Private Gardens Open for a Day

~ by Abigail Terres ~ When visitors round the bend of Brant Point Lighthouse, beginning their trip to Nantucket in August, there is no escaping the sweet smell of privet that is cast over the island. Daffodils, hydrangeas, privet, and more are natives to this island and in many opinions, […]

Nantucket Preservation Trust
Nantucket Events

A Peek Inside

The Nantucket Preservation Trust will celebrate its 10th year anniversary Summer Kitchen Tour on Thursday, July 17 from 10 am to 3 pm. New this year, tour participants can purchase “combo tickets” that include a BBQ lunch between noon and 2 pm. The popular NPT Kitchen Tour features different houses […]

Hadwin House
Nantucket Events

A “Main Event”

• by Sarah Teach • Every summer, the Nantucket Garden Club crafts a tour of some of the island’s most spectacular houses and gardens. Throughout the tour’s previous 58 years, visitors have ambled up Baxter Road and moseyed down Orange Street. “This year, we chose Main Street,” says House Tour […]