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Drive Like Mike

• by Robert P. Barsanti • Six of them were standing in the middle of a sand parking lot near Fat Ladies Beach. Mom was wearing a mom-like swim suit, but everyone else was wearing something from some company that made competitive yoga outfits. There were sunglasses, and bags, and […]

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Summer Shades

The ultimate, year-round accessory that will never go out of style is a great pair of sunglasses. They are functional yet act as a statement piece, bringing together an outfit.  Sunglasses can make you look chic and stylish, even if you are trying to  hide the bags under your eyes […]

Nantucket Essays

Fruit of Summer

by Robert P. Barsanti By the last weeks of August, summer is preparing the grand finale for the season at the same time that most of the visitors are washing the mildew out of the towels, emptying out the refrigerator, and making sure the kids are doing the summer reading. […]

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Our Roots

by Robert P. Barsanti Nantucket beaches peak around two o’clock in the afternoon. The long time readers and surfers have been on the beach since eleven, their tent-cities are well established, and at last one three-foot deep sand pit has been dug. Perhaps, if there are young children involved, a […]

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by Robert P. Barsanti I went to St. Paul’s Fair last week with the youngest of the tribe. Within minutes he had acquired a Red Sox batting helmet for fifteen dollars less than any other island price. He found old school friends in their new playground and led them through […]

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Kings of Summer

by Robert P. Barsanti When they went to the beach for the first time this year, the waves were rolling. Waist high breakers staggered into the steep beach, collapsed, and then rolled back out and tangled the feet of the next wave.  The tide curved the waves into the beach, […]

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Municipal Rain

by Robert P. Barsanti The Fourth of July is easy to avoid.  Out on the water, or at the beach at Cisco, the Fourth of July is not all that different from the Fourth of August or even the Fourth of September.  The sun shines, the breeze blows and thunderheads […]

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It’s Later Than We Think

by Robert P. Barsanti While the rest of the world starts the New Year in January, we should turn the calendar and start the clock on Memorial Day.  Something Natural has re-opened, the Bake Shop is making donuts again, and the rest of the storefronts are shiny and clean, ready […]