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The Right Whale at the Wrong Time

Dr. Sarah Treanor Bois Director of Research & Education at the Linda Loring Nature Foundation Nantucket is steeped in the history of whaling. Even our school sports teams are The Whalers. We sometimes struggle with that history and how to represent that legacy today. The Nantucket Historical Association, in particular, […]

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Have You Seen the Whales?

by Dr. Sarah T. Bois, Director of Research & Education for the Linda Loring Nature Foundation It’s not surprising to hear people talking about whales as you walk along the streets of Nantucket. Between the museums, the historic homes, and cobblestones, whales are front and center. The latest discussion however […]

Whales | Photo by Mike Shuster
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The Grace of Whales

by Robert P. Barsanti We believe in summer sun, but the truth of Nantucket is fog. Nantucket lies near the confluence of the warm water Gulf Stream with the Canadian Labrador current. The waters mix and mist over the shallow water of the George’s Bank, and the sand bars leading […]