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Exploring Nantucket

Consider the Cranberry

Though most of the season’s harvests have come to a close, one of our region’s most prized pieces of produce is just about to float to the surface. Before long, the bogs will be flooded for wet harvesting and machinery will be rolled out for dry harvesting, and that precious red fruit will begin its journey to your holiday dinners.

Sanford Farm | Nantucket, MA
Exploring Nantucket

Walking the Farm with Four-Legged Friends

In these days of social distancing and staying inside, we all find ourselves missing some of the best Nantucket has to offer. No, we’re not talking about the Daffy, Wine Fest, or Figawi, or any of the fun festivals that have been taken off this season’s calendar or made virtual. We’re talking about everything the outdoors has to offer on our one-of-a-kind island.

Stripped Bass
Insider Tips

Tight Lines and Good Times

If there are plenty of fish in the sea, then Nantucket is the place to catch them. Whether you’re on the water or at its edge, wetting a line is a wonderful way to relax, contemplate, and, if you’re lucky, feed your family and friends. Our waters are home to a myriad of species like fluke, bluefish, black bass, bonito, but the draw for most anglers on this island is the striped bass.