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Spring Sweeps In

by Robert P. Barsanti My neighbors are selling their summer place for seven million dollars. The websites tell me that the mortgage on that will break down to a neat 29,000 dollars a month. The house has been improved over the last two years, down to the foundation. It now […]

Nantucket Spring
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The New Year

by Robert P. Barsanti The new year begins when the grass does. Sometime, after enough rain, and enough sun creep on through the fog banks, the grass returns to life and goes green. Crocuses and daffodils pop sometime before the easter eggs and the lawn, but they run a false […]

Nantucket Spring - Osprey nesting
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Signs of Nantucket Spring

by Dr. Sarah T. Bois, Director of Research & Education for the Linda Loring Nature Foundation Springtime on Nantucket is a special time when muddy roads and icy sidewalks make way for budding crocuses and nesting song-birds. Spring officially begins with the Nantucket Daffodil Festival that has always been held […]

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Hope Dies in March on Nantucket

•   by Robert P. Barsanti   •   After the storm, we sat outside at the brewery.  Cribbage was being played, the dogs were scampering and the sky had more rain in it.  Heavy waves ground up the south shore and the overcast skittered. “He doesn’t talk to me.” “Why is that?” […]