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Conservation Commendation
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Commendations for Island Conservation

Nantucket is at an environmental inflection point: growth, development, and climate change are creating environmental challenges impacting the quality of life for everyone on this fragile island. Together we can make a positive difference, one garden at a time. What we plant in our gardens impacts wildlife, our water, and […]

Common Milkweed by Sarah T. Bois
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Take the 2021 BioBlitz Challenge

July is peak season for many things on Nantucket. It can be the most difficult time to get an ice cream cone or a parking space, as many of us know, but it’s also peak growing season – when the highest biodiversity is visible on island. Blooming flowers, ripening berries, budding fall asters, and fledgling birds abound. There is so much to see in every habitat across the island. What’s the best way to see and enjoy this multitude of species? Join in on the Nantucket Land Council and the Linda Loring Nature Foundation’s July Bioblitz Challenge!

Long Pond | Nantucket, MA
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More than Just a Pretty Picture

Dr. Sarah Treanor Bois Director of Research & Education at the Linda Loring Nature Foundation We’ve all heard of them. Many of us on Nantucket have seen them hovering over our coastlines and possibly in our backyards. And then there is that buzzing sound. We’re talking about drones.Sure, aerial photos […]

Nantucket Land Council
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Fun in Nature

Nantucket Land Council (NLC), an island organization dedicated to protecting Nantucket’s natural world and rural character, is hosting two opportunities in a week to be out in nature and enjoy our island’s beauty. Tagging Monarch Butterflies The afternoon of Wednesday, September 27, the Land Council is inviting the public to […]