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Our Piece of the Pie

by Robert P. Barsanti On a crystalline Saturday for brides, I crashed a wedding. I had known the groom well in the days when I was able to collect his homework, assign him lunch detentions, and wonder if he would go to the prom. In the stretch of years after […]

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by Robert P. Barsanti On Saturday, I was driving the island with the heir to my empire of dirt. After a solid month of damp and polar fleece, the rain crept north into the the Gulf of Maine and the fog line remained hung at the horizon off to the […]

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Washington Muse

• by Robert P. Barsanti • Deep in Nantucket High School, stared at by bored department heads or truculent students, are a series of deeply formal pictures of the graduating class of Nantucket High School. The young men wear jackets and ties, the young women have dresses, and they stare […]

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Whalers Then & Now

• by Robert P. Barsanti • When the mighty Nantucket Whalers scored their first touchdown of the game, I was sitting at the fifty yard line discussing computer software. We paused in our discussion and watched the Upper Cape Voke tacklers bounce off of the running back until he stood […]