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Nantucket Essay
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Season of the Stick

by Robert P. Barsanti The ocean chewed the dark. Miles from the beach, the crunching and biting hung in the immediate present, distinct and clear. Overhead, the calendar roared and the power lines hummed. My boon companion and I were checking the fortifications as we do each night. We look […]

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Visitors Remind Us

by Robert P. Barsanti On a night in August, a yacht named The Podium was tied up at the end of Straight Wharf, just beyond the swinging saloon door that protected “Yachtsmen and their guests” from the rest of us. The Podium is a 197 foot Lurssen super yacht tied […]

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Keeper of the Constellations

by Robert P. Barsanti After I got the call, I spent an hour or so in my mother’s photo albums. During one of my mother’s chemotherapy summers, she organized a life-time of snapshots and Polaroids into a series of books. Film, in particular Polaroid film, was expensive. As a result, […]

Nantucket Essay
Nantucket Essays

The Caretaker

by Robert P. Barsanti I imagine that they had come into some money. Not an amount of money that would require lawyers, stock brokers, and accountants. But some money. Enough. So they rented a house in Tom Nevers with four bed rooms, three baths, and a distant water view. They […]

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God’s Little Anvil

by Robert P. Barsanti The weathermen declared Nantucket “the place to be” for the hurricane season, and the kite surfers nod vigorously out in the channel. Starring in their own YouTube videos, they rip across the water in the Tropical Storm force winds. A blue sail dips down and pulls […]