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July 4 | Nantucket, MA
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At Our Best On the Beach

by Robert P. Barsanti You know that the Fourth of July has arrived when someone declares her independence by driving her BMW the wrong way down Main Street, parking on a crosswalk, getting the Sunday New York Times and an Americano, then trying to drive the wrong way up Union. […]

Picnic on Nantucket
Island Cooking

Feast for the Fourth

• by Leah Mojer • The 4th of July on Nantucket is about as good as it gets anywhere on earth. A beach day, yes, but anything but the usual, with picnics packed to the gills with strawberry shortcake, hotdogs, hamburgers, ice cold beer, and lemonade. The senses are bombarded […]

Nantucket Essays

Municipal Rain

by Robert P. Barsanti The Fourth of July is easy to avoid.  Out on the water, or at the beach at Cisco, the Fourth of July is not all that different from the Fourth of August or even the Fourth of September.  The sun shines, the breeze blows and thunderheads […]

Island Cooking

Hayrides & Pie

by Chef Jenn Farmer The fourth of July holds a lot of nostalgia for me.  As a child it was one of the best days in the world.  It was a time to be social, see people, eat great food, and see big fireworks.  I vividly remember eating contests on […]

Water Fight
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Festivities and Fireworks for the Fourth

by Sarah Teach Two hundred thirty-six years after our country declared her independence, we still throw an annual commemorative party; and the little island of Nantucket throws an exceptional bash!  All day long on July 4th, Nantucket is bursting with activities, many of which are suitable for families but still […]