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Island Cooking

Best Island

by Chef Jenn Farmer This morning I took a ferry ride to Hyannis, and it reminded me how much I love Nantucket. Don’t get me wrong, Hyannis has its positive qualities, but in the summer, I can think of few places I like better than here. It was fun seeing […]

Island Cooking

Blues and Bleus

by Chef Jenn Farmer Memorial Day always reminds me of the Blues.  Where I grew up there was a little bar, made from quarried stone, which sat on a bluff.  The bluff overlooked a flat grassy area that sat upon a river.  The grassy area was surrounded by lovely trees.  […]

Island Cooking

Brunch and Rhubarb

by Chef Jenn Farmer With Mother’s Day and the Wine Festival coming up, I have been thinking about one of my favorite meals: brunch (or, more accurately, champagne or bloody Mary brunch).  Although being a single parent and an early morning person limits the chances of me getting to eat […]