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Quahog Industry | Nantucket, MA
Nantucket History & People

Collapse of the Quahog Industry

~ by Amy Jenness ~ In 1913 an Edgartown fisherman named Sam Jackson was dragging for flounder around Tuckernuck Shoal when he discovered a massive bed of quahogs and forever changed the island’s shellfish industry. For centuries local fishermen had harvested large clams, also known as quahogs, as well as […]

Meridian Stones | Nantucket, MA
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What Is This? Meridian Stones

~ by Katherine Brooks, Maria Mitchell Association ~ Have you seen stones inscribed with these messages? “Northern Extremity of the Town’s Meridian Line” “Southern Extremity of the Town’s Meridian Line” These two stones are located near the Pacific National Bank and the Fair Street Quaker Meetinghouse in downtown Nantucket. The […]

Nantucket History & People

Chronicling Life on Nantucket

~ by Amy Jenness ~ More than 100 years after the first white people settled on Nantucket, the French-American writer Hector St. John de Crevecoer visited and recorded his perceptions of island life in his influential book Letters From An American Farmer. Published in 1782, the book was the first […]

Acadians deported to Nantucket
Nantucket History & People

French Neutrals on Nantucket

~ by Amy Jenness, author of On This Day In Nantucket History ~ Isolated out to sea and staunchly Quaker, and therefore pacifist, Nantucketers nonetheless got pulled into British conflict long before the American Revolution. Island whaleships had to contend with European privateers capturing their ships as early as 1744. […]