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Dreaming of a Green Nantucket

• by Dr. Sarah D. Oktay, Director, University of Massachusetts Nantucket Field Station • Spring has sprung, the island is filling up with people and warm sunny weather is erasing memories of a long hard winter. This is a perfect time to become aware of how your actions can effect […]

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The Conservation Foundation’s Golden Jubilee

What’s 50 years old and is the Grey Lady’s knight in shining armor? The Nantucket Conservation Foundation, a nonprofit that owns and maintains nearly one third of the island! Since 1963, the dedicated members of the Foundation have worked tirelessly to conserve and maintain Nantucket’s natural habitats; and this year […]

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Turtle Crossing

by Dr. Sarah D. Oktay Managing Director UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station While walking my dog Swegen at Windswept Bog this past week, I noticed signs installed by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation reminding visitors that June is turtle nesting month.  Within ten minutes I found a nesting painted turtle and […]