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Nantucket Clean Team
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Passion and a Dare

I looked out over a Nantucket beach one Saturday morning and saw people moving purposefully up and down the beach. I thought these early risers might be vacationers staking out a prime plot of sand for the day or perhaps beachcombing for shells and sand dollars. But as they came closer to the parking area where I stood, I saw that instead of swimsuits they wore long pants and gloves. Instead of beach towels they carried large trash bags. Their t-shirts were emblazoned with “Clean Team,” marking them as members of a very dedicated group of volunteers who help keep our pristine island clear of trash.

Clean Team
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Saturday Pickups for Nantucket

There are many individuals and organizations here dedicated to preserving our island. One volunteer group has a low profile, but their weekly efforts can be seen and appreciated by everyone, all across Nantucket. Every Saturday at 8 am, the volunteers of the Nantucket Clean Team don their gloves and neon […]