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By Land & By Sea

By land & by sea, join Egan Maritime for two unforgettable evening programs with American Troubadour Bill Schustik. On Thursday, August 15, at the Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum, Schustik will take patrons on a musical adventure into the soul of New England and the sea. Then, on Friday, August 16, […]

Schustick at the NHA | Nantucket
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NHA Welcomes Back Bill Schustik

The island’s favorite troubadour Bill Schustik returns to Nantucket on Monday, August 17 at 6 pm in the Whaling Museum, 13 Broad Street. In a lively one-man performance, Schustik delivers a troubadour’s tribute to summer with music and stories that reflect the glorious summer season on Nantucket. Schustik brings us […]

Bill Schustick | Nantucket | MA
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Troubadour’s Tribute – Bill Schustik

In a lively performance on Saturday, August 16 in the Whaling Museum, island favorite Bill Schustik will deliver a troubadour’s tribute to summer with music and stories. Schustik’s one-of-a-kind folk music combines his love of American history & lore with a signature blend of folk instruments, dramatic delivery, and his […]