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Island Cooking

Miracle of Nature

by Chef Jenn Farmer Honey is what I would consider a sort of miraculous. Yes it is sweet and tastes delicious, but there is so much more to it. Honey never spoils, it has been found in Egyptian tombs, still edible. Honey possesses antibacterial properties and has been used in […]

Island Cooking

Tiny Tasty Tidbits

by Chef Jenn Farmer Since before Roman times there have been feasts. Ever since there have been appetizers. Yep, the appetizer’s history seems to begin in the first century in Rome as part of their famous multi-course feasts. I guess at some point someone realized that sometimes it is possible […]

Island Cooking

Tasty Experiments

by Chef Jenn Farmer Much like life, cooking is full of experimentation. Also much like life it can be with great outcome. And other times, well…not so much. Our very existence here is very short in my opinion. Why not try everything we can at least once, or even twice. […]