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Fun in the Field – Nantucket Island Fair

• by Sarah Teach • The Nantucket Island Fair brings together many of the best parts of Nantucket: family, friends, community spirit, the fruits of islanders’ summer of labor. And, of course, a beautiful shoreline. This annual family event has all the trimmings of a traditional country fair, with a […]

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Wild, Whiskered Islanders

Feral Cats on Nantucket by Sarah Teach Every day, thousands of healthy animals across the United States are put to death due to lack of homes, not to mention those in the wild that die of starvation, disease or the elements. Up until last year, Nantucket was not immune to […]

Island Science

Squirrels – Fluffy Invaders

by Dr. Sarah D. Oktay Managing Director UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station Every time I drive down the Field Station road, I see the same gray squirrel run across the road in almost the exact same location. Today he was followed by a second squirrel and I immediately thought, “there […]