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Sunny Wood’s Whales

Sunny Wood Carvings | Nantucket MA Sunny Wood’s whale carvings are derived from a personal relationship between the artist and his experience with nature. As Sunny carves, the grain and knots in the wood become realized and the whale comes to life. Each whale takes on a unique personality conveyed through its expressive eye that tell the history of Nantucket in a single wink. Sunny Wood’s whales can be seen at the artist reception hosted by Samuel Owen Gallery this Friday, June 5th from 6-9pm at 46 Centre Street.

Sunny Wood Carvings | Nantucket MA Samuel Owen Gallery at Seven Seas is new to Nantucket with a permanent collection in Greenwich, CT. The art gallery represents 25 different contemporary artists including Damien Hirst, Shepard Fairey, Eric Zener, Mr. Brainwash, Dale May, and Peter Tunney. With more than 20 years of experience in the art business, owners Lee and Cindy Milazzo share an unerring eye for unique and engaging contemporary art. Lee and Cindy and their staff enjoy sharing their knowledge of art and artists, so whether you are a seasoned art collector or new to collecting art, a visit to the gallery will be a memorable experience.

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