Nantucket Style

Shells of Silver & Gold

R. Simantov, IncWalking along Nantucket’s pristine beaches, it’s hard to resist reaching down and picking up some of the exquisite shells that are tossed up along our shorelines, glistening in the summer sunshine.

There’s a new type of shell on Nantucket this season, and they shine with glints of gold. Jewelry designer Reubin Simantov of R. Simantov, Inc. of New York and Nantucket has introduced a line of jewelry inspired by Nantucket Island and the beach treasures found here.

“My family and I were walking along Jetties Beach, and my daughter picked something up. She held it up, and it was a shell connected by seaweed to other shells. We saw a beautiful inspiration from nature.”

The shells that Simantov created are modeled after the mussel, clam, scallop, and whelks that can be discovered on every Nantucket beach, making this jewelry the perfect memento of your island visit. Made from sterlingsilver, Simantov uses a special technique to plate each shell with vermeil.

Because he uses recipes for the classics, the shells finished with gold vermeil are in “old world colors”: green, pink, gold, and even silver and black. There’s an exquisite whimsy to these shells, and, to make the discovery even more fun, Reubin Simantov encourages his clients to choose the shells they want
him to make into earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces. Come to his shop at 9A South Beach Street with a friend and select together. “I’ve even had brides bring in their bridesmaids to choose shells to be made into their gifts…it’s playful and fun.”R. Simantov, Inc

The shells catch the light and shimmer. If you desire a bit more sparkle, you may select from R. Simantov’s gorgeous collection of tiny, many faceted canary diamonds, red spinels, and sapphires
of every imaginable color and have them embedded in the shells. “You can choose the stone—you can be your own designer,” he explained.

Simantov’s shell jewelry is perfect for dressing up or for casual wear. Because you choose the shells, each necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings has personal meaning, a special memory. When the bracelet is held unclasped, it’s very reminiscent of the cluster of shells Reubin’s daughter found that day on the beach.

R. Simantov is open daily at 9A South Beach Street. Appointments are welcomed: 508-228-6824,

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