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One of the many benefits of living on the pristine island of Nantucket is that you are completely surrounded by water. In every direction you turn, almost all roads lead to a serene sandy beach.

There is a sense of peace and serenity in being on the water, and that is an enormous draw not only for locals, but also for those who make their annual pilgrimage to the island. The ocean provides us with a bounty of nourishment to our souls and to our bellies. What better way to experience all that Mother Ocean has to offer than by experiencing the fun, excitement, and delight of a day fishing charter off the coast of the Grey Lady? Even better is adding the perfect wine pairing to enjoy with your hard-earned catch of the day.

Here you will find a small catch of local fishing charters and what makes each of them unique for your special day spent with them, along with the perfect wine pairing for your catch of the day!

Fishing and Wine | Nantucket, MA

For those who are new to being on the water and want to keep it closer to home on their first voyage, look no further than Topspin Fishing with Captain Carl Bois. Their specialty is in-shore fishing on a 32’ Judge boat. Comfortably accommodating up to 6 people on this gem of a boat, they always offer the flexibility to customize charters specifically to your needs. Spending a half day on the water is not only a great way to spend time with the grandkids that you only get to see a few times a year, but a memory that should become an annual tradition. Pick your targeted species of fish you are on the hunt for or try a little of everything on this charter. Be on the look-out for other ocean wildlife and pelagic bird species on while cruising around on this boat with state of the art electronics and plenty of comfortable, accommodating amenities. topspinfishing. com

Perfect pairing: DeWetshof Estate Limestone Hill Chardonnay 2017: This third-generation winery was the first registered in the Robertson Wine Valley of South Africa. They are internationally known as South Africa’s eminent Chardonnay house. This unwooded wine is impeccably pure with notes of grapefruit and nuts. There is length on the palate of the nutty, chalky, fruit-filled finish. Balance and sheer drinkability after a day on the water right here!

Growing up fishing on Nantucket waters, Captain Bob DeCosta has seen it all here and offers the experience needed for those who are “unshore” about whether they prefer to go in-shore fishing or the long haul of a day off-shore. The choice of fish and how long a day on the water you want to spend is yours with this experienced guy. Shark and tuna fishing that require an all day commitment are as easy to handle as a bluefish, striped bass or multi-species trip. During spring and fall, he also offers cod fishing. The Albacore provides a comfortable ride in all sea conditions, with plenty of seating (and cooler space) when the sun is hot or down below for the cool trip home. The cockpit is equipped with several fighting chairs for inshore trips that can easily be removed when going off-shore. Your fishing possibilities are endless. albacorecharters. com

Perfect pairing: Landmark Vineyards Overlook Chardonnay, Sonoma County 2016: Made from a thoughtful blend of grapes throughout Sonoma County, this beauty of a wine has aromas of yellow apple, pineapple and toasted oak. Balanced layers of savory chamomile with soft minerality on the palate are followed by a clean, textured finish. Weaker fish need not apply!

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Looking for more adventure in your fishing excursion? Join Captain Marc Genther and his crew aboard the Just Do It Too for an unbelievable sport fishing experience. This 34’ custom sport fisherman boat is the only Coast Guard certified charter fishing vessel on Nantucket that can accommodate up to 16 passengers on board. This makes it your choice of boat when looking to accommodate your large group of bachelors for the weekend, for your team building exercise with your work colleagues, or just fun for the all the siblings, spouses and kids. Your two-and-a-half hour fishing excursion can begin at convenient times throughout the day: first thing in the morning for early risers, before lunch for those who like to sleep in, just after lunch for the best afternoon sun or later in the day to ensure you are back on land before happy hour. Blues and bass for the adults and skup fish for the kiddos all make for a great catch here.

Perfect Pairing: Domaine des Masques Chardonnay Essentielle, Bouches de Rhône 2016: This Chardonnay comes from the extremely difficult to reach vineyards located in southern France on the outskirts of Aix-en-Provence. The estate sits on a plateau at more than 1,800 feet above sea level, and free-draining soil means more flavorful wines. The nose offers white flowers, honey and citrus fruit. Extreme fish, extreme wine!

Fred Tonkin is well known on Nantucket docks. May through October, he can be found aboard the Herbert T, either on Straight Wharf or out on the ocean, sharing his love of the sea and fishing with young and old. For more than 40 years he’s plied the waters around Nantucket, and he’s introduced many to the excitement and pleasures of sportfishing. He enjoys fishing with experienced guests as well as novices—his is the ideal charter for families. He patiently teaches all ages how to catch and land blues and bass. “We make it simple,” Fred explains, “you can learn how to fish in a few minutes.”

Over the years, Tonkin has come to know well the best fishing spots around Nantucket and the methods that work the best. But it’s not just novices who fish on the Herbert T — seasoned anglers also charter with Fred and fill the boat with fish for the freezer. His 2.5-hour trips are designed to target bluefish; his 5-hour trips are perfect for anglers looking to catch striped bass. There is also the opportunity to bottom fish for fluke and sea bass for a portion of your trip.

Perfect Pairing: La Mision Reserva Especial Chardonnay 2016: Hailing from a single vineyard in the Alto Maipo Valley of Chile, the clone for this vineyard came directly from the well-known William Févre in Burgundy when their joint venture began wenty years ago. A fruity nose of pineapple and pears followed by a complex, medium body that represents a fine height Chardonnay. This is a wine for the adventurer in you!

Whichever fishing charter fits your fancy, be sure to be smart about being on the water. Bring your sunscreen, hat and sunglasses, along with a light snack or lunch and plenty of water. A sweatshirt and light jacket may also be needed to keep you warm or as a soft pillow for the ride home. While beer and wine are welcome on most charters, hard alcohol is best left on dry land.

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