Mothers & Daughters at Nantucket Cottage Hospital
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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Moms & Daughters of Nantucket Cottage Hospital

As we approach Mother’s Day this Sunday, we want to extend our sincere appreciation to all the moms out there, and also take this opportunity to highlight the mothers and daughters who work together as colleagues here at Nantucket Cottage Hospital

We are lucky to have 5 such pairs of mothers and daughters working at NCH. Our workforce spans generations and while these women work in different departments and areas across the hospital, you can sometimes spot them sharing a moment or a knowing glance (and sometimes even lunch!) with the special bond between a mother and daughter. 

The mother/daughter colleagues at NCH include: 

  • Betsey Minihan and Kathleen Minihan
  • Brenda Johnson and Betsey Brooks
  • Teal Beal and Hillary Polvere Reynolds
  • Deb Connelly and Jaime Connelly
  • Yvonne King and Diane King

Below, they shared some of their experiences working together as colleagues at NCH, starting with the moms:

Betsey Minihan, Executive Assistant to the Chief Nursing Officer:

I started working at NCH in 1973 and worked in Medical Records until 1979. I began as the Assistant to the CNO, or as it was then called the “Director of Nursing” in 1981 and have been in that position ever since, so all tallied 45 years, I always say “I grew up at NCH”. It is wonderful working with Kathleen. I love the work she does as a dietitian, and I think it is great that we are now co-workers as well as family.  It is funny, that when I write her an email for work purposes I sign my name Betsey, not Mom!

Brenda Johnson, Clinical Project Director, Facilities:

My history at NCH started in 1966 as a volunteer and then in May of 1975 as a nurse.  I have had the opportunity to work in every clinical department and when I think of the many hours I have spent at the NCH, I think of how my daughter’s life was impacted by our NCH family. This organization has been a part of her life from day one. I am so proud of her desire to be part of the organization and every time a patient comes up to me and tells me how kind and compassionate she was to them, I know our future is in good hands.

Teal Beal, per diem nurse, Nantucket Cottage Medical Group: 

It was wonderful to be able to share lunch with Hillary and have her right across the parking lot. I’m in awe of Hillary’s dedication to her job and all she has accomplished. Dr. Voorhees delivered Hillary at NCH shortly after Christmas. Christine Santos and Anita Rezendes, two long-term OB nurses, were in attendance. I remember I made it just in time to be in the “good” labor room, the one with the adjustable bed! Dr. Voorhees thought Hillary should be called “Hortense” and the nurse’s thought “Hollery” as she was very upset when her pacifier fell out! Have been honored to work with the best of the best, and thrilled Hillary now has the same experience!

Yvonne King, Patient Care Tech in the Medical/Surgical Department

I have been working at the hospital as a PCT in Med/Surg for approximately 15 years. I hardly ever see my daughter seeing that we work in different departments, however I am quite happy she is here and part of this great team!

Deborah Connelly, Financial Clearance Specialist: 

When Jaime started working at the hospital in 2012, I told her to call me Deb to be professional in the workplace. That was hard to get used to her calling me Deb. We are so fortunate to be able to lunch together every day, work permitting. I cherish those conversations and our laughs during our lunches.  Many have commented how lucky we are, and they are so right! Just love it! Times I will remember forever.

Hillary Polvere Reynolds, Executive Assistant, Plant Operations:

My mom was working in the ER when I first started at NCH, and it was nice to be able to take lunch breaks together whenever our schedules allowed. Now, our work schedules are different but it’s fun to both be part of the NCH family together! 

Diane King, Certified Application Counselor: 

Due to the difference in shift and department location, we rarely cross paths at work. However on days, if I am dressed “shabbily” by her standards and we meet in the corridors, I have to pretend I don’t know her lol

Jaime Connelly, Senior Patient Financial Counselor:

When I first started working at NCH, it was so hard not to call her “Mom” during work hours.  Now that I am used to calling her Deb, my other family members question “why aren’t you calling her Mom?!” Mom and I work very closely sometimes in our positions as we both are in the same department, Revenue Cycle Operations. I am very fortunate to call her my best friend and see her every weekday.  It really has become something special and genuine in my life. Over the years many of our colleagues see us at lunch together and say, “Do you know how lucky you are to be able to have lunch with your Mom, every day?”  And I know they are so right.  That puts a smile on my heart forever.  I am truly so lucky to still have her in my life. 

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