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Have You Been Flocked?

Nantucket New School, Flocked Have you seen flocks of plastic pink flamingos scattered in front yards across the island? More than just lawn ornaments, they are part of Nantucket New School‘s latest fundraiser. The Flamingo Flocking FUNdraiser is a way for participants to surprise their friends and colleagues by sending a dozen pink flamingos to roost on their front lawns.

The fundraiser started on April 1 and five flocks of flamingos are available to be placed on unsuspecting participants yards for a donation of $50. The flock remains on the participant’s lawn for two days before the “flock wranglers” come in the dark the night to remove them, or the “flocked” participant can submit a donation and send their flock to someone else.

“We were trying to think of a new spring fundraiser. We thought it would be fun to do in April when it’s grey,” said Jon Alden, headmaster of Nantucket New School. “We thought [the pink] would stand out, and we weren’t sure how people would take to it, but it has been really successful.”

In fact, it has been so successful that the fundraiser has had more than 150 participants so far, and most of them pass on the flock to other locations. Nantucket New School planned to do the fundraiser for only the month of April, but it was so widely popular, it is still continuing.

“We thought it would be something different. Everyone needs something fresh,” said Alden. “It is a way to get families involved, while having it be fun for the students, and more of a community event.”

The fundraiser was a way to involve the community and create awareness of Nantucket New School. While doing so, the school raises money for their operating budget. Tuition from students does not cover all the expenses alone so the school had to get creative with methods to raise money. With so many other non-profits on island, they wanted their fundraiser to stand out. Residents, business owners, and even the headmaster himself have been among the “flocked.” Along with them includes Surfing Hydrangea Nursery.

“It wasn’t a tremendous surprise because I am a parent of two students at the New School so I knew it was coming my way,” said Craig Beni, founder and president of Surfing Hydrangea Nursery. “Even though I it saw coming, I didn’t know when, so it was indeed a surprise.”

To send a flock, email or call Nantucket New School at 508-228-8769. Act now, before the flock flies away!

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