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Discover Yourself & Help Fairwinds Help Others

A lot has changed in the past four months, but there is always learning that happens during demanding, stressful experiences. Among the many shifts that everyone has experienced since the start of the pandemic is the opportunity to look at the world through new eyes.

The folks at Fairwinds, Nantucket’s own counseling center, suspect that all of us are capable of seeing even ourselves in a new light. Their Portrait Fundraiser aligns strongly with that idea—the idea that a portrait is not an act of creation, but an act of discovery. It’s a discovery of what is really there: the new and developing, as well as the familiar.

Fairwinds is incredibly excited to launch this fundraiser, which will be ongoing weekly through the end of the calendar year. Robin G. London, an accomplished photographer and member of the Fairwinds staff, has worked in portraiture and other forms of photography for more than 30 years throughout New York City, Westchester, and lower New England. With her skills and jubilant approach to revealing and discovering the wonderful and beautiful truth about her subjects, every subject is sure to have a blast while creating a treasured keepsake portrait.

Suggested donation amounts are available at and are completely tax deductible. Your donation will help this essential island agency continue to offer health services to everyone, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. The impact of such donations cannot be overstated.

Your donation not only supports Fairwinds, but also provides a 45-minute socially distant portrait sitting at an iconic Nantucket location for just yourself, or you and your spouse, or your immediate family—even a larger group portrait can be arranged. Along with a hard copy, donors also receive 20 to 25 digital photos, including one of your photos in high-resolution. Visit and click on the camera icon to set up your portrait session.

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