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Rosé wine | Nantucket, MA
Nantucket Style

Toast to Film Fest

by Advanced Sommelier Jenny Benzie Festivals are aplenty in the summertime of Nantucket. Almost every weekend you can find the island full of luminaries and experts of a certain craft, along with budding enthusiasts who wish to meet and greet the people who have somehow influenced their lives. The Nantucket […]

Well Kept Hedge | Nantucket, MA
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Well-Kept Hedge

by Robert P. Barsanti Close friends of mine are lucky enough to live at one of the right addresses. As a result, nine months out of the year they have no neighbors within a well struck two iron. In the summer, the street is a hive of activity. They tell […]

Fish Hawks | Nantucket, MA
Island Science

Call of the Osprey

Dr. Sarah Treanor Bois Director of Research & Education at the Linda Loring Nature Foundation Osprey, (Pandion haliaetus) also known as Fish Hawks, are abundant on Nantucket this time of year. Their calls are familiar along most ponds and wetlands. Their nesting platforms dot the landscape all around the island. […]

Cinematic Exposure Scene One | Nantucket, MA
Nantucket Arts, What's New on Nantucket

Cinematic Exposure

Opening this week in Hostetler Gallery, 42 Centre Street is an exciting exhibit curated by filmmaker Rajko Grlic` that is perfect for pairing with the Nantucket Film Festival. In “Cinematic Exposure, Scene One,” a very special exhibit by the collaborative duo hazart, has combined their devotion to the masters of […]

Mitchell’s Book Corner | Nantucket, MA
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Celebrating 50 Years

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Mitchell’s Book Corner, and they are celebrating throughout the season. On Thursday, June 28, they’ll kick-off the fun with a day of local author signings, giveaways, refreshments, and Mitchell’s memories. Mitchell’s opened its doors at 3pm on June 28, 1968, and according to […]

Beach Shack | Nantucket, MA
Featured Restaurants

Come for the Beach, Stay for the Food

by C. Oscar Olson The restaurant business can be a thankless institution no matter where you set foot, but this seems especially true on Nantucket. In my short time on this island, I’ve witnessed what seems like every spot on The Rock opt for new management, switch out chefs, change […]

Aqua Wall Phone | Nantucket, MA
Nantucket Essays

Wall Phones

by Robert P. Barsanti I stood in a kitchen in Tom Nevers and watched a phone ring. My life had skipped back twenty years while an aqua wall-phone was going through its famous paces. For a half second too long for my own comfort I wondered if someone’s pocket held […]

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket
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Smart, Witty, and Viciously Funny

by Suzanne Daub The laughs start at rise, from the moment wide-eyed Gus enters the posh upstairs bedroom of a Manhattan townhouse, staggering under an armload of coats from the famous partygoers “downstairs.” He unceremoniously dumps them on the bed, then wanders starstruck through the room. The expressions and physical […]