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Celebrating History
Nantucket History & People

Celebrating History

On Saturday, October 22 from 11 am to 4 pm, the Nantucket Historical Association (NHA) will host a fun-filled family program celebrating the 125th anniversary since the organization purchased the Old Mill in 1897. The event will be held at the Old Mill at 50 Prospect Street and is free […]

Nantucket Essays

Wedding Weekends

At eight in the morning, the bride was running down Main Street along with her photographer, her maid of honor, her intended and two other guys in tuxedos. She was carrying her shoes in one hand, the hem of her dress in the other. She was flying on the wind of social media but the photographer wasn’t keeping up. You have got to get the light when it’s just right.

Deer on Nantucket
Island Science

True Story of How Deer Got to Nantucket

If you ask anyone around the town of Nantucket how the deer came to the island, you may have some variety of answers, but generally “they swam” and “they were brought here” will be the primary responses. There is a local legend or old wives’ tale that states that our current population of more than 2,000 animals are descended from just three deer.

Wet paint
Nantucket Arts

Wet Paint Weekend October 7-9

The Artists Association of Nantucket will host their annual Wet Paint Weekend this autumn on October 7, 8, and 9, with free events each day and a ticketed celebratory dinner to end the event on Sunday, October 9 in the Nantucket Yacht Club. For 2022, this AAN event will honor […]

Maine Lobster - BLT Style | The Chanticleer
Featured Restaurants

Escape to Sconset

In all of our travels, there are only a few restaurants we’ve come across that combine fine dining and the hospitality of home. These places of picture- perfect calm and comfort are hard to come by and should be treasured and remembered. The Chanticleer is one such restaurant—an oasis of fine dining.

Second Summer
Insider Tips

Welcome to Second Summer

Labor Day weekend is a transition period for the island. The first Monday in September marks the end of summer—droves will have left the island by then. It’s also the start of school, the beginning of fall. Shopping at the Stop and Shop will tell you it’s Autumn for sure (the Halloween candy is already out). But don’t rush to put on boots and drink pumpkin spice lattes just yet or you’ll miss one of the best “seasons” on-island.

Nantucket Essays

What You Call an Islander with 3 Jobs

In early September, I return to the classroom and look at all of those things that I haven’t changed, as well as all of those things that I have. The chalk board got covered with a dry erase board which is now covered by screen for my computer projector. Many of the posters are the same. Some are under glass (“Tracy’s World”) but some, like the Ghastlycrumb Tinies and the “Flensing of a Corrupt Judge” remain as they have been for over twenty years, just with more holes in the corners. The room is, of course, lined with books.