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Choose Your Own Adventure

Those who like to go down a road less traveled should make reservations to dine at Dune, in the heart of downtown Nantucket at 20 Broad Street.

When chef-owner Michael Getter opened Dune in 2009, after working for decades in the Nantucket culinary scene and as a wine pro, word quickly spread about his superb, innovative cuisine featuring fresh seasonal ingredients. Now, 15 years later, Chef Getter and his talented team are still serving some of the best food on Nantucket in preparations that make every meal a fun culinary adventure.

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The Magical Realism of Katherine Howe

Every June, the Nantucket Book Festival brings together readers and authors in a celebration of the written word. Over the years, this weekend event has welcomed to our island hundreds of well-known authors including Alice Hoffman, Dennis Lehane, Tiya Miles, Marlon James, Jodi Picoult, Sebastian Junger, Imani Perry, Hernan Diaz, Jennifer Weiner, Charles Graeber, Isabel Wilkerson, James McBride, Alex Marzano-Lesnevich, and Azar Nafisi. The Book Fest also showcases Nantucket writers: Nathaniel Philbrick, Elin Hilderbrand, James Sulzer, Nancy Thayer, Steve Sheppard, and Gabrielle Burnham have made appearances. Kwame Alexander, Margaret Atwood, Erik Larson are among the more than 20 authors who will speak at the 2024 Festival held this Thursday through Sunday.

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket Cast of Sense & Sensibility
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Sensational Adaptation

Lively and entertaining with a dash of lunacy: Theatre Workshop of Nantucket’s current production is playwright Kate Hamill’s playful version of Sense and Sensibility.

This theatrical adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel is a contemporary take on navigating love, loss, and societal expectations in 18th-century England. Hamill’s script gets to the heart of the story while bringing a fresh and energetic perspective to this very well-known comedy of manners.

Stand by Me
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Stand by Me

There’s a scene at the start of the fantastic 1986 movie “Stand By Me” where Richard Dreyfuss is sitting in his car, trying to come to terms with the death of one of his childhood buddies. As this character looks up from the newspaper article that had delivered the bad news, he sees two kids who look about thirteen pedaling by on their bikes. We see the Dreyfuss character immediately taken back in time, back to that age, back with his neighborhood gang. It’s a poignant moment that starts this brilliant coming-of-age movie (based on the Stephen King novella The Body).

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You’ll Need a Bookcase

I can’t buy a decent bookcase. If I want, I can get one on Wayfair or from Ikea that looks like a bookcase, but the shelves won’t hold anything heavier than a take out meal. I can find one created by a craftsman made of walnut and sturdy enough to hold the Harvard Library in leatherbond, but the bill is roughly what you would pay for a used Toyota. And it won’t buy the groceries.

lone star tick
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Ticks on the Hunt

I first encountered Lone Star ticks on Tuckernuck Island in 2015. I had one adult female hitchhike back to Nantucket on me, and I reported it to Tick Report. At the time, it was only the second report from Nantucket, with many more known from Tuckernuck Island. Of course, birds fly easily from one island to another, and deer swim. It was just a matter of time before Nantucket and all of its available habitat became the next place for Lone Star ticks to populate.

The Brotherhood of Thieves: Steak Frites
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Island Favorites & New Plates to Savor

We can think of no better place on Nantucket to gather with friends and family for lunch or dinner, a cold brew or a classy cocktail than The Brotherhood of Thieves.

Enter through the main entrance on Broad Street and step back in time to an 1840s Whaling Bar & Tavern, with brick walls, lanterns, fireplace, and beamed ceilings that harken back to when Nantucket Town was less refined.

Greg Hill with paintings
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Looking Back

It was Nantucket whaling ships that brought artist G.S. Hill and his life and business partner Judi to our island nearly half a century ago. And this season, in his studio gallery on Straight Wharf, Greg is showing a special retrospective exhibit of these early works. G.S. Hill’s paintings brought […]

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Spreading the Fishing Bug

Not every type of fishing involves rods and reels. Nantucket has an abundance of quahogs, hard shell clams that live in the shallow sandy areas around the island. When I was in my early teens, it seems that once or twice each summer I’d end up on a trip with Oscar Bunting, a commercial fisherman, to go with him and scratch up those tasty morsels. Oscar looked like he was from central casting’s selection for “The Old Man and the Sea.” He was a very strong guy with forearms that rivaled Popeye’s, a real-life Cap’n Quint. Oscar had a steely look in his eyes that told you he was a serious man but he softened that look with a frequent and wonderful deep laugh. I loved those quahog digging trips with him!