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A Special Happy Hour for Women

Boston IVF, the first Massachusetts egg freezing center to assist in a frozen egg pregnancy and birth, will host an educational “Happy Hour” at Grey Lady Restaurant & Bar, 2 Chins Way, on Thursday, August 6 for women who wish to learn more about their fertility and egg freezing.

Hosted by Dr. Michael Alper, MD and Alan Penzias, MD, both Boston IVF physicians, this casual and informative event will discuss the basics of female fertility and egg freezing, and offer women an opportunity to ask questions about the reproductive system, age and fertility, treatments, and more.

“Age is the most common factor in fertility. Egg Freezing drastically changes the landscape for career women who are feeling pressured as it evens the playing field because the technology today allows females more choice in family building options,” said Dr. Michael Alper.

Most women are not aware that they can prevent maturing eggs from affecting their fertility and ability to have a child. Eggs removed from the ovaries and frozen do not age. Age is the most important factor that affects a woman’s fertility. A woman’s fertility remains stable up to age 35-36 and then begins to decrease thereafter.

Held from 4:30-6:30 pm, event offers a free “happy hour” with drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and is open to women only. To RSVP, send an email to

Boston IVF is one of America’s most experienced fertility centers with more than 75,000 babies born since 1986. A leading center for cutting-edge reproductive technologies and exceptional care, Boston IVF has pregnancy rates approaching 60% in certain patient population groups. Boston IVF has 13 locations in New England, including Nantucket Cottage Hospital.

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