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Nanpuppets, Nantucket's puppet show for children

Spreading Joy, NanPuppets

by Cara Godlesky Thinking back to childhood, many can recall wiggling finger puppets on pinkies or watching in delight the magic of Elmo and Cookie Monster on “Sesame Street.” Now, Nantucket’s own version of puppetry is making its way into the island spotlight through Nanpuppets, a children’s puppet show. Nanpuppets …

Nantucket Dreamland | Nantucket, MA

Youth Theatre Season Begins

Thanks to the Nantucket Dreamland Film & Cultural Center’s incoming program director Laura Gallagher Byrne, we have a new answer to the question summer visitors often ask: “What do you do out here all winter?” Six major productions are planned that will give Nantucket youth the opportunity to advance their …

Artists Association of Nantucket Sidewalk Sale

Art Inside & Outside

The dictionary definition of “interpretation” is an explanation of the meaning of another’s artistic or creative work; an elucidation; an interpretation of a poem. Artists Association of Nantucket (AAN) is hosting the exhibition Up for Interpretation in the Cecelia Joyce & Seward Johnson Gallery, 19 Washington Street beginning Friday, June …

White Heron Theatre | Nantucket, MA

Be the First to See It at White Heron Theatre

The White Heron Theatre is bringing their fifth annual New Play Workshop Collaborative to Nantucket. The collaborative serves as an incubatorlike setting that is dedicated to helping develop new productions. This year features Fireflies by Tony-nominee Matthew Barber, whose adaption of Enchanted April received critical acclaim. The workshop is a …

White Heron Theatre Company | Nantucket | MA

Broadway Talent at White Heron

by Cara Godlesky Back to the sixth century BC, theatre has brought life and drama to communities throughout history. It can provide people with a feeling of self-confidence while performing in front of audiences, teaches actors how to continue on through criticism, and helps audiences think about new perspectives by watching …