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Meridian Stones | Nantucket, MA

What Is This? Meridian Stones

~ by Katherine Brooks, Maria Mitchell Association ~ Have you seen stones inscribed with these messages? “Northern Extremity of the Town’s Meridian Line” “Southern Extremity of the Town’s Meridian Line” These two stones are located near the Pacific National Bank and the Fair Street Quaker Meetinghouse in downtown Nantucket. The …

Barn Owls, Nantucket, MA

What Is This? – Barn Owls

~ by Katherine Brooks Maria Mitchell Association ~ Have you heard a piercing shriek in the night accompanied by a flurry of white light? Although it sounds like the making of a summercamp ghost story, what you might be observing is the barn owl – unique in its aesthetics with …

Loines Observatory | Nantucket, MA

Free Rides on the Starlight Express

Nantucket’s Maria Mitchell Association (MMA) is operating a free shuttle this season, “The Starlight Express,” from three locations in downtown Nantucket to its Loines Observatory to encourage visitors and residents to stargaze each Friday night during the Observatory’s Open Night. The shuttle will operate three round-trip loops with the first …

Lunar Eclipse | Sept. 27, 2015

The Trifecta of Moon Gazing Nights

~ by Dr. Sarah D. Oktay, Director, University of Massachusetts Nantucket Field Station ~ In just a couple of hours I will go outside along with many people in the United States to watch the total lunar eclipse on a lovely night with some cloud cover. This year is special …