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Under the Blue of August

Between one thing and another, I missed the boat parade. First, a house needed to be turned over and, while I was at it, dishes needed to be cleaned. Then, the Burma March to the dump, then a hundred other things before I stood at the top of Step’s Beach, […]

September on Nantucket
Nantucket Essays

Mondays in September

~ by Robert P. Barsanti ~ By September, Monday leans back, gives himself a scratch, and looks around the backyard for a few minutes. It has all the time it needs. Nothing presses it. The phone doesn’t ring, the e-mail only contains spam, and the coffee is ready by the […]

Nantucket Essays

Sharing September

• by Robert P. Barsanti • She stood at Children’s Beach at six o’clock in the morning.  The Eagle hummed with lights and activity, but otherwise the harbor was quiet and still.  Four ducks paddled past the sailboats, and their wake, eventually, rolled up on the beach.  The sun rose […]

Nantucket Essays

In the Divine Light of September

by Robert P. Barsanti The radio rolled out with attacks in Libya, a new iPhone in California, and a memorial service at the World Trade Centers before it muttered out the    “Beach and Boating Forecast” and the tides for the day. Then I shut it off. Instead of the radio […]

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by Robert P. Barsanti The last beach day came on Saturday. Hurricane Leslie was threatening Bermuda in tiny steps. Her winds had stirred the waves off of Cisco and the cold front that would keep her away was spinning off tornados in Brooklyn. Throughout most of New England, rain and […]