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Nantucket Scallops
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Bubble and Bivalves

• by Carri L. Wroblewski, BRIX Wine Shop • Opening day on Nantucket is sacred. We wait all year long for it—and, no, I’m not talking about baseball. As the calendar lets go of the last days of September we impatiently await the start of October—the beginning of family scalloping […]

Bay Scallops
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Bay Scallops, Nantucket Gold

• by Dr. Sarah D. Oktay, Managing Director UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station • Nantucket is home to the last commercially viable “wild” bay scallop fishery in the U.S. (and essentially world-wide) and preserving this treasure is, in a way, tantamount to preserving Nantucket.  Other fisheries up and down the […]

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Living the Dream

•   by Robert P. Barsanti   •   They were out there on New Year’s Day.  Four white boats lined up near the eastern jetty, pulling scallops out of the water.  Two men worked in each boat.  They aimed the nose of the boat into the incoming tide and worked the winches.  […]