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Island Cooking

Flame Following a Spark

by Jenn Farmer “There is no sincerer love than the love of food,” George Bernard Shaw     Back in 2003 was the first time I remember having a conversation with Dante Benatti. At the time he was taking pictures of people late at night in a restaurant/nightclub I frequented. I […]

Island Cooking

Sunshine Dance

by Chef Jenn Farmer Lately I have been on a tropical foods kick. I love our local cuisine, and since we are on an island with a maritime history, the local food has long been influenced by exotic flavors from other locales. Whether it is Asian or Caribbean it has […]

Island Cooking

Best Island

by Chef Jenn Farmer This morning I took a ferry ride to Hyannis, and it reminded me how much I love Nantucket. Don’t get me wrong, Hyannis has its positive qualities, but in the summer, I can think of few places I like better than here. It was fun seeing […]