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Looking Back at The Rainbow Fleet

by Mary Miles Most everyone has seen the famous H. Marshall Gardiner photograph of the little boats in the Rainbow Fleet rounding Brant Point. But not too many people know the story—indeed, all the stories—connected with this fascinating small flotilla. To find out more, we talked with several people, among […]

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Family Excursions – Beachcombing

Is there a human being who lives on or has ever visited Nantucket Island who hasn’t gone for a wonderful relaxing walk along a mile or two of the 88 miles of beach edging the land?  And of course, most beachwalkers find themselves bending down now and then to examine […]

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The “Smuggling Hole”

A Mary Miles Classic The notorious island woman Kezia Coffin gained a huge fortune during the Revolutionary War at the expense of her fellow Nantucketers, pulling more than one fast one on both British and Americans. She later lost everything she gained by her questionable practices. She didn’t lose her […]